1 Thing to Remember About Recipe Testing

Something that I've loved eating for breakfast is (sweet) grits with fried fish. My great grandmother served this breakfast and so does my mother. It is a great combination. Corn goes great with fish and the fish is breaded with cornmeal. And with the addition of grits, it is an amazing meal.

I've been thinking for a minute about how I can put the two together. I came up with combining johnnycakes with fried fish. Johnnycakes are a sweet cornmeal cake that I think could be a great replacement for grits in this recipe. Something that also came to my mind is hushpuppies. Hushpuppies are also a type of cornmeal bread except they’re more of a fried dough. But the main reason it came to my mind was that they're commonly served with seafood and sometimes shrimp or crab are cooked into them. Basically, my plan is to make johnnycakes and add a thin small type of fish, with the skin side up and then flip it to brown the skin and finish the johnnycake.

I love cooking and thinking about new recipes like this. Over time I've started to see some trends in my cooking preferences and that

  • to be creative with ingredients or techniques

  • but only to make something taste more like it already is

  • or only to deepen the flavor of the ingredients.

This test recipe is an example of how I am learning to demonstrate my culinary philosophy. Here I am plan to use a mix of different corn cake recipes with different techniques and similar ingredients. I enjoy testing recipes even if they dont turn out perfectly the first few times. I don‘t mind if it fails because I always learn something I didn’t know.

I don't necessarily want to make something completely new but just to make something that is respectful of the history in the recipes that already exist and is an accurate representation of what my place is in that history and the importance these recipes have in my life.

Try testing a baking recipe this weekend and add your spin on it. How can you edit the recipe to represent your place in its history?



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